Updated Visitor Policy

Updated Visitor Policy for the Hospice House In an effort to protect our patients and staff, the visitor policy for the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House has been updated. Below are the policies as of December 23, 2020: Doors to the facility will be locked at all times. Please ring the bell to have staff […]

A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter by Lee Ann Livingston Spiritual Care Specialist Imagine my surprise when he walked up to me and called me by name, especially since he and I were both wearing facemasks. At the time, I was standing in a shop, waiting for my cup of soup to soothe my chill from the cold […]

Nutrition for Caregivers: Mindful Eating

by Lacy Ngo MS, RD In part 1, we discussed food and nutrition as they relate to mood and mental health. Today for part 2, we will continue our discussion on mood and mental health as we delve into the benefits of mindful eating. But first, “What is Mindful Eating?” Mindful eating is very similar […]

What Hospice Means to Us…

What Hospice Means to Us In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month in November, we shared messages from our Hospice & Community Care staff to express what hospice care means to them. There is often a misconception that beginning hospice care means that you are giving up, but that isn’t the case. Hospice […]

Holiday Comfort Cranberry Balls and Dark Chocolate Hummus Dip

Holiday Comfort Recipes Cranberry Balls & Dark Chocolate Hummus Dip by Lacy Ngo MS, RD Hospice Dietitian Grieving happens in its own way and on its own time, and yet while you are grieving you may wonder if anything could help you feel better. While there is no magic “thing” that can take the pain […]

Nutrition for Caregivers: Nutrition and Mood

by Lacy Ngo MS, RD Caregivers…The secret heroes of the world. I see you. You stayed awake all night because your loved one needed water, comfort, or just company. Yet the next day, you still woke up and worked all day. With all the medications, doctors’ visits, scheduling, and planning, you want to be clear-headed, […]

Happy Anniversary! 2 Years with the Caring Closet

Happy Anniversary! 2 Years with the Caring Closet In honor of the Caring Closet celebrating 2 years of service, we are shining the spotlight on this community resource and the volunteer team that keeps things running. Since 2018, the Caring Closet at Hospice & Community Care has provided the community with the ability to borrow […]

Coping with the Holidays

“Comfort comes from knowing that people have made the same journey. And solace comes from understanding how others have learned to sing again.”  – Helen Steiner Rice It just happened to catch my eye. Not that I was looking that way for any particular reason but, not only did it catch my eye, it caught […]

Team Member Spotlight: Alicia Muldrow

Team Member Spotlight Alicia Muldrow, LMSW, LCAS-A Bereavement Coordinator     Alicia Muldrow joined the Hospice & Community Care family as Bereavement Coordinator in March 2020. Since joining our team, she has used her experience working with individuals and families in various behavioral, human, and social service programs and agencies in South Carolina and North […]

Local Golf Tournament Raises Funds for Hospice & Community Care

Local Golf Tournament Raises Funds for Hospice & Community Care August 4, 2020 On June 27th and 28th, 2020, the York Invitational Committee hosted its second annual golf tournament to benefit Hospice & Community Care. Thank you to the committee members, sponsors, and participants that made the York Invitational Tournament possible. We appreciate the time […]