Happy Anniversary! 2 Years with the Caring Closet

Happy Anniversary! 2 Years with the Caring Closet

In honor of the Caring Closet celebrating 2 years of service, we are shining the spotlight on this community resource and the volunteer team that keeps things running.

Since 2018, the Caring Closet at Hospice & Community Care has provided the community with the ability to borrow durable medical equipment free of cost. Whether you are a Hospice & Community Care patient or not, the Caring Closet is here to serve all residents of York, Chester, Lancaster, and the surrounding South Carolina counties.

For many people, purchasing or renting durable medical equipment isn’t an option due to the cost. Even with insurance covering a portion of the costs, they still may be too great. Additionally, you may only need the equipment for a short period of time and can’t justify the cost. Regardless of circumstances, community members can rely on the Caring Closet for help.

The Caring Closet wouldn’t be the resource it is today without the hard work of Hope Ruiz, Volunteer Coordinator, and a dedicated team of volunteers.  These volunteers come in twice a week to open the Caring Closet to the public and perform a variety of tasks needed to run and maintain this service, including answering questions, helping people find the right equipment for their needs, equipment repair, cleaning, cataloging, and sorting donations, and checking in inventory.

Hospice & Community Care is proud to offer our Caring Closet thanks to our dedicated volunteers and their help, comfort, and compassion they contribute to the community. Thank you, Caring Closet team for another great year of service!

If you are interested in joining this amazing group of volunteers, please contact Hope Ruiz by calling 803-329-1500 or email her hruiz@wordpress-517114-2582534.cloudwaysapps.com.
For more information on the Caring Closet and how to donate click here.


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