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What Hospice Means to Us…

What Hospice Means to Us

In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month in November, we shared messages from our Hospice & Community Care staff to express what hospice care means to them. There is often a misconception that beginning hospice care means that you are giving up, but that isn’t the case. Hospice is so many other things, and we want our community to know what it means to us.

We shared these messages throughout the month on Facebook and created a special video slideshow. Even after the video was created, our team members continued to share their thoughts and feelings. We’ve since collected those messages and built a gallery to go along with our video.

We invite you to read these special messages from our caring staff today.

Notes from Staff

“When I was approached about taking a position as a hospice dietician, I had to take a moment to contemplate what it means to work in hospice and in what way I could contribute. As I pondered, I realized that people working in hospice are helping others go through their most important journey in life – the journey from one life to the next. So I decided that if I could help, even in a small way, I wanted to be a part of it.

During the orientation tour of the Hospice House, we came upon the butterfly garden. This simple and peaceful butterfly garden captured my attention. What beautiful symbolism, I thought. Right now, we are all caterpillars, but one day we will be butterflies. The people at hospice are there to help others through this transformation process, and I humbly pray that I can provide adequate support to the staff, caregivers, and patients as the hospice dietician.”
– Lacy Ngo

“Working in hospice is extremely important as we are changing lives by offering hope, peace, and light in a time of darkness.

Being a hospice nurse practitioner allows me to meet patients and their families at the most vulnerable time in their lives. We help them live a full life until their time here is complete and then we help them find peace in “a good death.”
– Christy Petit, FNP-C


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