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Registered Nurse/Case Manager

Case managers are Registered Nurses who are experts in pain control and management of physical symptoms that cause distress or interfere with patient comfort. Visiting patients on a regular basis, they watch for and address changes to maximize patients’ comfort and with dignity. Patients have access to nurse support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Physicians play an essential role in the care of Hospice patients. Patients and their families have the ability to choose to have their physician follow them or use our board certified Hospice physicians to develop and oversee the patient’s plan of care. Physicians are in regular communication with the Hospice team to assure that the patient’s medical needs are taken care of during their time with Hospice.


Hospice Aide

Hospice aides provide vital personal services to patients, including help with bathing, dressing, and personal care. They offer good humor, a gentle touch, kindness, and are highly valued by families and caregivers.


Social Workers

Social workers guide families through the tangle of insurance coverage, financial issues, and other end-of-life concerns. Familiar with community resources and support agencies, they assist in finding solutions to social and emotional issues patients and families may face.


Bereavement Counselors

Bereavement counselors support patients and families in tandem with our other grief support services. Leading people to learn coping skills and begin the journey to personal healing, bereavement support is in place for family members for the 13 months following a patient’s death in the form of mailings, phone calls, and personal visits.


Spiritual Care Providers

Spiritual care providers offer non-denominational, non-judgmental spiritual counseling, and grief support when requested. Respectful of various faiths and traditions, they support patients of all beliefs systems. Spiritual care providers understand the mixed emotions surrounding death including sadness, opportunities for joy, family reconciliation, and life celebrations.


Volunteers spend valuable time with patients and caregivers, bringing a special sensitivity to each family and situation. One of their most valuable roles is to sit and talk with patients, often forming strong lasting bonds with the families they serve.