Hospice Artist Guild

Art is a respite from the world, if even for a moment. It was important for us to fill the house and campus with original art representative of life. Throughout the Hospice & Community Care Campus you will find reflections of the patients, families, and community we serve. Pieces were collected in an effort to embody the diversity of the individuals we serve, albeit a traditional landscape or fanciful abstract.

We extend our gratitude to the artists that either donated their work or offered pieces at a reduced rate; these efforts have allowed us to establish the foundation for our permanent collection. It is our deepest desire that our campus reflects the beauty of life and that the art becomes synonymous with the experience.

Currently the Hospice & Community Care Artists Guild is comprised of over 50 local artists. The Hospice Campus features more than 100 original works of art from guild members as part of Hospice’s permanent collection.

Danny Guyton Music Endowment

The Danny Guyton Music Endowment is dedicated to the life and legacy of Daniel Edward Guyton who passed away in Hospice care at the age of 47. Guyton was a local music legend – a musician’s musician, a guitarist with natural skills, expert style and momentum and teacher for aspiring players. A native of South Carolina, Guyton taught guitar lessons at Woody’s Music for over 10 years.

The Guyton Music Endowment continues his legacy through securing the growth and continuation of the performing arts and special musical programming within the Hospice & Community Care Campus. Endowment funds seek to reduce stress, alleviate pain and calm or relax patients and families with the overall mission of improving – through music – physical, social and/or emotional wellbeing.

Healing Gardens

Gardens and outdoor areas are a practical response to Hospice & Community Care’s desire to maintain natural spaces as well as offer therapeutic spaces on the Hospice campus. The campus has several gardens – sanctuary, terrace, children’s and arbor- which offer patients and family members, as well as the community, space to worship, contemplate, reminisce or refresh themselves.