More sunshine, bird songs, blooming colors. That’s what spring brings to us. It can also be a time where we focus our energy on shaking off the winter blahs and experiencing a personal renewal. Small actions may produce big changes when you create a spring renewal plan for yourself. Striving for balance and priorities, certain rituals may help.


  1. Prune out thoughts from your past that may be causing you to experience limited growth.
  2. Trim away beliefs and practices that no longer fit who you are.
  3. Toss any physical item that isn’t sentimental, beautiful, or useful.
  4. Nurture choices rooted in wellness, including exercising and eating fresh foods.
  5. Plant something! Whether it’s flowers or a new idea.
  6. Nourish your brain and soul with mindfulness and meditation.
  7. Contact those you are fond of who have been missing from your life.
  8. Cultivate habits that energize you and allow your creativity to blossom.

Relax in the fact that life is seasonal. Winter is a time for introspection and rest. And that leads to spring, the time for enrichment and growth.