Celebrating Volunteers

For more than 30 years Hospice & Community Care volunteers have impacted lives in our community. These dedicated people have shared moments of pure joy and unspeakable sorrow with patients and families. Our volunteers have given thousands of hours to ensure that those in our community needing support and care are not alone at the end of life’s journey. This journey has the potential to be a lonely, frightening, and unfamiliar experience. Knowing that there is a caring volunteer to give a hand, lend an ear, and share his or her heart can make all the difference to hospice patients and their families.

In addition to our patient care volunteers, dozens of volunteers help run our two Resale Shops each week. The proceeds from the shops support underinsured patients in our community. A group of Hospice volunteers help staff the nursing desk at the Patrick Hospice House ensuring that a friendly face is always available to offer a smile and kind word to visitors. Dedicated Hospice volunteers regularly come into the Hospice offices to assist with paperwork, filing, mailings, and more. Each year a group of Hospice volunteers spends hours working with bereaved children at our Project HOPE children’s grief camp.

As you can see, the ways that Hospice volunteers impact our organization are as unique as the volunteers themselves.This week we are celebrating National Volunteer Week. For our organization this is a time to recognize and honor the more than 150 Hospice & Community Care volunteers that give selflessly of their time and talents in service to others. Our Hospice volunteers understand that every person they care for is a unique individual with a lifetime of experiences, relationships, and gifts to share. As a vital member of the Hospice team our volunteers help bring hope, comfort, and compassion to our community when needed most.

We encourage you to consider becoming a Hospice volunteer by calling 803-329-1500 or emailing us at volunteer@wordpress-517114-2582534.cloudwaysapps.com.

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