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The Right Fit

Burch Carr volunteers in The Caring Closet as well as the durable medical equipment repair shop. According to Burch, he went through the volunteer training, and as a part of that, he learned about The Caring Closet. “At that time, they did not need for me to do counseling, and I thought The Caring Closet […]

A Hobby Turned to Volunteer Work

Jerry Ferrell volunteers his time in The Caring Closet, assisting the durable medical equipment repair crew, affectionately known as “The Gang,” as they fix equipment and return it to service. In addition to his volunteer work, one of Jerry’s passions is fixing electric wheelchairs.   “I came across a wheelchair, and it needed repair,” said Jerry. […]

The Caring Closet Celebrates One Year of Service

The Caring Closet at Hospice & Community Care is celebrating its one year anniversary this month. We recently had the opportunity to speak with a volunteer who has been with The Caring Closet since it opened in 2018. “When I first started, prior to the opening, we were keying information into Asset Tiger, labeling equipment, […]