The Right Fit

Burch Carr volunteers in The Caring Closet as well as the durable medical equipment repair shop. According to Burch, he went through the volunteer training, and as a part of that, he learned about The Caring Closet. “At that time, they did not need for me to do counseling, and I thought The Caring Closet sounded very interesting.
“I felt I need to serve somewhere, but couldn’t find just the right fit. I am a Deacon at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. I had been looking for something or somewhere to donate my time, and I had a chance to go to Westminster Towers and help Gene Craven, the pastor there. We never could make a fit where I could go for an interview with him. Then I had my foot surgery, I needed a knee walker, and someone said that they had them here. I ended up getting one from a neighbor, but it introduced me to your facility.”
“I thought this was a quality place with quality people,” said Burch. “I thought I could really contribute here. I wasn’t sure they needed me, but Mark, who also volunteers here, asked me if I enjoyed it and I said yes. So he said to just keep coming. There are times when they need us both, and we are really busy, as well as quiet times. I knew Ron with the wheelchair gang from Friday morning bible study, and I thought that work sounded interesting too. He said he would love for me to come and help them.”
“There is a great deal of equipment to look after. We receive donations, and in the repair shop, after the equipment is cleaned, we fix it so it can be returned to use. I am learning, I have cleaned spokes and replaced armrests. But my biggest contribution is yet to happen,” Burch laughed. “So many people who come here to get equipment, they are so grateful. The service we provide is really wonderful.”
“We get wheelchairs, crutches (a lot of crutches), rollators, potty chairs, shower seats, and many more. I help people move equipment to their cars and take donated items to the other building to be cleaned. This is a wonderful place to donate, it is very well organized, and any donations will be put to use. It doesn’t go into some black hole somewhere, and you can rest assured that it will be put to use helping others.”

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