Summertime & Grief

Long summer days bring about memories of family vacations, lazy days by the water, and spending time outside with the ones you love.

Summer gives us so much to love, but it can also be a reminder that a loved one is no longer around to share in the fun. For many grieving people, loss may be felt acutely during the summer months. Often we are prepared for the holidays when we are on our grief journey, but during the summer we may be surprised at how we feel our loss.

For some bereaved, it is hard to cope with sadness at a time when everyone else is out there having fun. There is no right or wrong way to handle summer and vacations after a death of a loved one. Some families choose to do the traditional family vacation, while others plan something entirely new.

Enjoying the family vacation doesn’t mean that you miss your loved one less For some families the vacation is a way that families celebrate the memory of a loved one. You may even be surprised at the new traditions that you build with your family.


Two people climb up a mountain at sunset. The climber higher up the mountain helps the other climber continue up.
Ally Temple

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