The Power of Stories

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“It has been said that next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.” – Khalil Gibran The very first gift I gave to my newborn…

It’s a Gift

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Hospice services in York County began in 1985 due to the efforts of community leaders in response to one woman’s struggle with cancer and her desire to remain at home…

Our Hospice Dynamic Duo

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Becky Hamilton retired from Hospice & Community Care in the summer of 2018 after twenty-five years of service. Shortly after her retirement, she was back at Hospice visiting patients as…

The Three Types of Love

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The Hospice & Community Care campus is filled with personalized pavestones and bricks each carrying a story. We are happy to share one of those stories on the blog. Mrs.…

Questions for the New Year

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William Shakespeare had a son who died several years before he wrote the play, “Hamlet”. One of the best known and most often quoted lines in English literature comes from…