About Making A Presence

Krystal Teague, of Krystal Teague Dental in Rock Hill, believes in the power of philanthropy.  In a recent interview with Hospice, Krystal explained what it means to be a community leader, and how the power of listening can be used to change lives.  

“As a professional in the community, I found that to be a community leader, it was really important to me to make sure I was involved as much as possible and really finding the need that exists in York County.  Being a professional who sees a lot of patients, I have the opportunity to listen when my patients bring to my attention the needs in our county.  While they might not know it at the time that they are telling me about something that I would like to volunteer for or donate to, that is how I have learned about these needs.  When patients come in and I get to know them, I learn about what they are involved in.  I tell my office manager that I learned of this need in our county, and we find out if I can volunteer my time or make a donation.” 

“I have been a Junior League member, since 2009, and that gave me a lot of opportunities to help out in the community,” said Krystal.  “But now in my profession, I have enjoyed the relationship with my patients and the opportunity to learn from them. That relationship allows me to be a community leader. I think that in order to be in the community, you have to make a presence. Whether it is monetary or time, I enjoy using what God has given me to give back.” 

“It trickles down. To be a community leader, you have to have a presence. That may be donating time or that may be donating goods.  For example, we just donated a bunch of dog food to the Richardson’s Animal Rescue in York.  I just called them up because a patient had told me about it and my office manager knows of that rescue.  It is just about that.  When you hear of a need, I think, okay well I can do a little bit,” explains Krystal.  

“I had a passion for the Children’s Attention Home and that was really where I started.  I donated money and my personal time.  And then, through church, I learned about Family Promise, and I was involved in Family Promise.  I am also a big runner, and there were all these great races in Rock Hill.  And so I would donate.  And that’s really how it started, with my giving to the church and the Attention Home.  And now I realized that I can take a little bit and spread it over York County, and that is what I am doing now.  I didn’t want to just do one organization.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference.”  

When asked about being overwhelmed when there are so many needs, and so many charities asking, Krystal explained that she has developed a system.  “Each month is first come first serve.  Each month we are going to do something in the community.  When other charities ask, I tell them that I appreciate them reaching out to me, but that we have already decided this month where we are giving our time.  However, I encourage them to always reach out to me, because there will be an opportunity.  Don’t give up, you need to reach out.  These talks are helpful, and maybe during the talk, I find out that, instead of a cash donation, they have a need for toothbrushes.”  

Businesses have a responsibility in the community.  “It is really neat because a lot of other businesses, we line up with our giving, and so I get to learn about them and their work in our communities.  Some business I never knew were in Rock Hill, and we are doing the same thing.  That has been rewarding, meeting these other business leaders.”

Hospice & Community Care is very grateful to Krystal Teague Dentistry for a very generous donation of dental care products to make our families more comfortable when they have loved ones at the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House.  If you would like more information on how you could make an impact for patients and their families, we invite you to contact us at 803-329-1500 or email info@wordpress-517114-2582534.cloudwaysapps.com. 

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