Volunteer Spotlight: Sally Lyle

Sally Lyle has been a volunteer with Hospice & Community Care for over ten years, serving in many capacities. Since she started volunteering, she has worked as a patient companion, vigil, and administrative volunteer. Sally has helped with nearly everything. Each month she sends birthday cards to our volunteers, she helps the Development and Marketing department, and she checks and arranges the new volunteer files. Most recently, her organizational skills have been put to the test as she took on the pavestone books.

The pavestone books recorded each stone purchased and placed in the Sanctuary Gardens on the Hospice & Community Care campus. Prior to Sally’s work, the books were not well organized. “Nearly two-thirds of the stones were not included in the books,” said Sally, “and the books were really difficult to understand. We needed a better system so families could find out exactly where their loved one’s stone was.”

“I see the pavestones as a place for the family to be able to come and feel the presence of their loved one. The words they left to remember that person,” said Sally.

According to Sally, it took a year to put together the new pavestone books. “I had no idea there were that many pavestones. We have over 400. Each page in the new book shows a diagram of the gardens with a red dot where the pavestone is located. There is a photograph of the stone as well as information as to who purchased or donated the stone.”

Many times as Sally took pictures of stones in the garden, she would find mementos left by families on their loved ones’ pavestones. “I have seen flowers left on stones, and one time there was a heart-shaped rock left with Sister engraved on it. It tells you something about how families feel, how they memorialize. When the fountains are on, you can listen to the birds and relax. It is so peaceful, which is a wonderful thing for families.”

“There was a woman in the parking lot one day while I was taking pictures. She told me that her family was behind her in purchasing a pavestone so they would have a place to go and remember,” said Sally.

On May 8, we invite you to join us for our first Blessing of the Bricks ceremony on the Hospice & Community Care Campus. This brief ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m. and will bless the pavestones and bricks placed in the Hospice Gardens during the past year. After the ceremony family and friends are welcome to join our Spring Memorial Service at 6:00 p.m. or spend time in the gardens reflecting, honoring, and remembering their loved ones.

The new pavestone books are nearly finished and will be available for families to view at the Administration Building front desk as well as the front desk in the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House. If you would like to order a pavestone, please contact the Hospice Development Department at 803-329-1500. All pavestones and bricks ordered by Monday, April 9 will be installed for the Blessing of the Bricks ceremony.

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