Volunteer Spotlight: Martha Manning

My Angel and Me by Martha Manning

Martha Manning recently published a book titled My Angel and Me, November 2017. We took an afternoon to speak with Martha about her book.  Here is her story as she shares her journey with Beth Ann Scruggs, Hospice employee and writer for the Hospice Volunteer Newsletter.

According to Manning, she loved reading books as a child. By the time she was in fourth grade, this love extended to the authors of those books and she wanted to learn more about the individuals who wrote and who shared their stories. This was the start of a lifelong desire.

“I was a bud,” said Manning, “and after 82 years I have finally bloomed. God took care of me and for three years I wrote.”
The angel on the cover was important to Manning. “Do you see how her halo is not on straight?  I looked and looked for that image. The crooked halo is intended to tell people that the world is not perfect.  Life isn’t perfect.”
The angel on the cover is more than just an image, it is a message for the reader.

“My main hope is that people will read it and understand that God is here and follow him. This has been evident to me my whole life.  When I was born, my momma had pneumonia.  Between the birth pains and the illness, she had convulsions and a high fever.  They had to put hot bricks on her feet to keep her warm, and these bricks burned her feet.  There was no electricity or heat.  When I was born, they put me in a basket and set me by the hearth.  They forgot me while they cared for my momma.”  The next morning Manning said the Doctor found her there.  “I was healthy and crying, and the Doctor proclaimed to my momma that God had put an angel there to protect me.” According to Manning, from that day forward she has always had her angel. “I have had difficult times and great times, and there were many events where my prayers were answered in God’s timing, not my own.”

In her book, Manning describes her journey as a wife, a mother, a teacher, her challenges and her love for God.
“I always wanted to be a minister, and I prayed to God.  He sent me a minister.  I was married at 17 and he was 20 and a junior at Wofford.  When I was in high school, I graduated salutatorian and I earned a scholarship to go to college.  When the principal saw the ring on my hand he commented upon it.  I told him I would use my scholarship later.  And I did.  Ten years later with three children, I went to college.”

“My hope for this book is that people will read it and understand that God has a plan, that you must follow him and acknowledge him. I didn’t write this book for me, and I take none of the credit but give all the praise to God.  I want others to pray and be aware of the guardian angels in their lives.”

When asked if she was going to write another book, Manning acknowledged that she did have some ideas but wanted to see how this book is received. “It was difficult and cost so much.  My first publisher went out of business, but I was grateful to find the Christian Faith Publishing Company.  My next book might be reflections on my life with her momma and her apron. “
Mrs. Manning is a long-time volunteer at the Rock Hill Resale store.  She is available for book signings and speaking engagements. She has a book signing already scheduled for March 3 at the Shepherds Fold book store. Her book is also available online on Amazon.com.

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