Volunteer Spotlight – Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens, aka Montana Mark, has been volunteering at the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House since January of 2017.  

“As a Hospice House reception volunteer, most of the time I greet people, make coffee, bring wheelchairs around,” said Mark. “I am also taking patient companion training.”

When asked how he came to be called to do this work, Mark shared a story of a church friend with brain cancer.  “I was with him during the last days of his life,” explained Mark. Then my mother got ill and she was signed up for Hospice for a single day.  When we moved here, I wanted to give back.”

Mark shared a particularly moving moment. “One time I spoke to a family member.  I was making coffee and we spent some time talking. He explained that his work let him off, but he wasn’t getting paid.  He was trying really hard to balance work and family, and he wondered why God didn’t take him sooner. I explained to him that he was doing the right thing, that God does things on his own time.” 

“I try to be a smiling face for families arriving at the Hospice House. I understand that they are starting the grieving process, and I try to be there for them. Most of the time it is quiet, although sometimes it can be really busy. The most interesting thing that happened when I was working was when they held a wedding for a patient at the house.” 

 Mark explained, “Volunteering is important and it is one way that I try to help.” 

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