Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Mroz

Kathy Mroz believes in Hospice & Community Care, and she takes time to demonstrate that every day.  

Kathy describes Hospice & Community Care as a real gift to the community.  “I love it dearly, and our communities really benefit from our Hospice,” said Kathy.  “There are many hospices, but only one nonprofit hospice and people need to know that.”  

According to Kathy, over the past ten years, she has done about every volunteer job here at Hospice.  You name it, and she has done it.  But her first love is knitting prayer shawls.  “It is like wrapping someone in caring when you give them a prayer shawl,” said Kathy.  “We love to knit them, and it is our way of giving back to the community.” 

 “I will never forget how I got started; it was because I am a licensed hairdresser.  Vicky, the Volunteer Coordinator at the time, called me and asked me to help.  I feel good that I can help them get ready for heaven.  I always end every haircut with a hug and a kiss.  I have been so lucky to meet so many patients and do so many people’s hair,” said Kathy.  “To this day people will come up to me and tell me how much it meant to them that I came and helped their loved ones.  I love it.”  

Her work as a hairdresser led to Kathy helping with, well, everything.  Kathy’s volunteer expertise extends not only to prayer shawls and haircuts, but she also helps with the Hospice House desk, office assistance in the administrative offices, and the children’s grief camps.  

In addition to all the hours she contributes to Hospice & Community Care, she also volunteers as the Social Director for the Rock Hill Shag Club, Queen Mom for a local Red Hat Society club, and the Eastern Star.  Kathy also loves flowers and working in her garden is something she tries to devote time to every week.  

On Thursday, April 19 Kathy Mroz was awarded the Hospice & Community Care Good Neighbor Award in recognition of her volunteer work not only at Hospice but in our community. We are grateful that Kathy chooses to give so much to our organization as well as others.

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