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Tools for Grief on Father’s Day

Father’s Day, like other holidays, can be a hard holiday for many people. While the Hallmark ads sell us images of happy fathers and children, many of us we do not experience the day with such perfection. For some, we are grieving the loss of a loving father. Others of us are coping with the loss of the imperfect father and letting go of the yearning for something different. Others are still devastated by the loss of a child and how that loss now colors the day set aside for celebrating fatherhood.

Regardless of where you find yourself this Father’s Day, we encourage you to take time to honor the men in your life that have modeled love to you. Perhaps that means visiting the cemetery or going to your house of worship. For others, it may mean cooking a favorite meal or taking a long walk. It is also okay to ignore the day or take time to be by yourself as you process your feelings.

Below are some articles that our bereavement staff has found helpful as we approach Father’s Day. As always we are here to offer support and guidance on your grief journey. Feel free to reach out to us at 803-329-1500 or

Thanks to the Men who Help Kids after Father Loss

“When my husband died, I knew it would be important to my boys to have men around and in their lives. Since they would no longer have their trail guide, it was up to me to make sure men of good character, who were loving, compassionate and wise were a part of their lives. I can’t imagine a boy growing up without his dad.”

Father’s Day after you Father has Died

More than 100 million Americans whose fathers have died will celebrate Father’s Day. Some will face the day will sadness, some with relief, and others with joy. Read Neil Chethink’s ideas for creating meaningful space for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day and Grief

Check out this article from our friends at The Dougy Center. “As it is with many holidays throughout the year, Father’s Day, often sparks a multitude of emotions, especially when you’re in the midst of grief.” 

Father’s Day without a Dad

“I will miss my dad on Father’s Day – I miss him every day. This holiday marks an opportunity for many to celebrate their fathers who are still living, and for those of us who are not in that situation, their absence certainly causes a sting.”

Every day is Father’s Day

“For many widows with children, Father’s Day creeps up and pounces on us. Sometimes we just anticipate it with dread – more glaring evidence of what we have lost. Everyone (not just widows) tries to celebrate the day in some meaningful way, trying to honor that special Dad. Newspapers and television ads are filled with things we are meant to buy, sentiments we are meant to feel. There is so much pressure to ‘honor” our loved one properly, even when they are alive, but no one seems quite sure how to go about doing so.”

Ally Temple

Selling the House

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Ally Temple

Permission To Rethink

We called her Monty. A nickname, for sure, but to call her by her “real” name would mean that you may be talking to yourself,

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Ally Temple

Holidays with Grief

As I sit down to begin writing this article, the calendar catches my eye, and I realize that the holidays are fast approaching. I smile

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