Team Member Spotlight: Sara Blancke

Picture of Sara Blancke

Team Member Spotlight

Picture of Sara Blancke

Sara Blancke

Chief Development Officer


Sara Blancke joined the Hospice & Community Care family in June and is no stranger to the local nonprofit community. Having worked for the past 14 years with multiple Boys & Girls Clubs across South Carolina, Sara brings more than a decade of leadership in fund development and marketing/communications to our organization.  She is an active member of the community and serves on several local committees and boards. Jennifer Graham, Chief Operating Officer for Hospice & Community Care, shares that “Sara is going to be an outstanding asset to our team as we seek to give hope, comfort, and compassion to our community when they need it most.”

What are your responsibilities as Chief Development Officer?

I plan and implement strategies to secure donors and contributions in support of the mission of Hospice & Community Care so that we can provide excellent care for our patients and their families. Additionally, the development office is responsible for communicating the organization’s message to the community.

What are you excited to work on with Hospice & Community Care?

I am most excited to work with the stellar team at Hospice & Community Care in identifying and securing the necessary resources to support the quality hospice services we provide for our patients. While the community may be familiar with me from my service with Boys & Girls Clubs over the past 14 years, I am thrilled for the opportunity to build upon the foundation that my mentors have helped create for me in this new role. With a deep appreciation for our outstanding community leadership and advocates, I am eager to begin working within our service area to advance the mission of Hospice & Community Care.

Personal Fun Facts
  • I am a Northwestern graduate, University of South Carolina undergraduate, and I hold a Master of Social Work from Winthrop University.
  • Together with my husband, Ryan, Assistant Public Works Director for York County, we have two daughters, Olivia, age 8, and Emma, age 6, and rowdy 4-month-old Golden Retriever, Teddy.
  • I serve on several community committees and boards, including:
    • Good Folks Board
    • City of Rock Hill Commission for Children and Youth
    • Come-See-Me Festival Team Leader
    • Rock Hill Schools ACE’s & Resilience Task Force
    • York County Gives #GivingTuesday Community Campaign
  • In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, entertaining, painting, traveling, and taking advantage of the opportunities available in our great community.
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