Overcoming the Summer Giving Slump

Kids are out of school, vacation season beckons, and families gather to celebrate holidays and family reunions.  Lakes are full of boats, cookouts and baseball games abound, and there are sunny days and lots of fun ahead.

Unfortunately for non-profit organizations, this time of fun and sun often means that donations dwindle and the dreaded summer slump begins.  The needs our non-profits meet in our communities certainly does not take a vacation.  Without budget relieving funds in the form of donations, many charities struggle.

During this time when we are busier than ever, how can we combat the slump?

Consider signing up to make monthly donations, so you do not have to worry about remembering to make a gift.  Or you could set up auto-drafts on your online banking and your bank will send a check automatically on the date you chose for the amount you wish.  These are both great budget-friendly options that allow you to plan around all your summer activities.




Every little bit matters!  Truly, each and every gift makes a difference.  My favorite slogan from a campaign I once saw was “you don’t have to give a lot, give a latte.”  The cost of a coffee drink at your local café could do so much good for your favorite non-profit.  Maybe each Friday, instead of getting your latte, you can put that money in an envelope and, at the end of the month, send twenty dollars to the charity of your choice.



Take this opportunity to teach your children about philanthropy, and have them keep a donation/memory jar.  They can put change in the jar for every fun memory they create during your summer vacation.  They can then take that change and donate it to their favorite charity.  What a great way to create a memory and teach a valuable lesson at the same time!




This type of intentional philanthropy is so valuable and important for non-profits working hard to cover the summer slump.  Before you leave on vacation, think about the good that needs doing at home.

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