Meet Kora

I’m so excited to be taking over the Hospice blog today! Let’s get the first order of business out of the way – Yes, I am a dog. Even though I am a dog I am good at communicating, so the kind folks in the Hospice office have taken all the meaningful looks and barks I give them and turned them into words and written them down.

My name is Kora with a K, and I am an Australian Labradoodle. Many of you have noted how cute I am – thanks – and wonder where I get my great genes? I am not actually from Austraila; rather I was born in Weaverville, North Carolina at place loving named Doodleville.

The Aboriginal meaning of my name means companion, which I think is awesome since I am good at comforting people. In fact, since the day I was born I was being trained to be a therapy dog and provide comfort to people. For the first six months of my life, I lived in Doodleville with my brother and sisters.

This nice lady named Jan helped us learn good manners and exposed us to so many sites and sounds. Jan says that I have always been very friendly, intuitive, and gentle. When I visited the nursing home as a puppy, I fell in love with visiting people. What could be better than belly rubs and being told over and over again how beautiful I am?

My favorite part of my job is being around people. I love my friends in the office, but the best is when I get to visit new people in the Hospice House. The patients and families are always so kind to me and even sneak me some treats (but shh… don’t tell anyone). If you are ever at the Hospice & Community Care Campus, I hope that you will ask if I’m around. I would love to meet you… and get a belly rub.

Love, Kora

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