May the Blessing Continue…

It is the end of an era, or a decade as it may be. Anne Hill, a longtime Hospice House volunteer, is moving out of the area to be closer to her grandchildren. Her work at the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House has been an inspiration to countless people, and she has helped so many in our communities as they have come to the House for respite or end-of-life care.

“I have been with Hospice & Community Care for ten and a half years. Volunteering here has shown me the kind of compassion and passion that this world has for others,” Anne explained. “I have been so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group, and I have just grown in my love for volunteering, and grown in my love for sisterhood. I have always had such a wonderful experience with elderly people, and I have always desired to be a part of families going through the experience of end of life. It is through my volunteer work that I have gained so much insight to the end of times as well as the beginning of time going home.”

When asked what she would tell others about volunteering at Hospice, what they would find if they gave their time here, Anne shared, “The passion and love that is expressed, and the desire to be a part of families as they travel through this last step of life on Earth. I definitely think that anyone who has a desire to volunteer should look into this because of the passion and love that is given here. And there are so many wonderful, dedicated, and special people who work at the Hospice House.”

“When I retired from teaching, I had a desire to work with older people by volunteering in hospitals. One day I happened to be at Westminster Towers, and my parents’ neighbor, who was a friend of mine, came to the Hospice House for his last days. I left my parents’ house when they told me, and came over to say goodbye to him. When I was leaving, I walked up to the nurses’ desk and asked if they took volunteers. I had wanted to volunteer at the hospital, but walking in here gave me the sense that this was where I wanted to be and this is where God wanted me to be. I love my brothers and sisters here, and I hope that blessings continue for you all, and I will never forget any of it.”

Anne Hill has been our morning smile at the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House for so many years. Her genuine compassion shows in everything she does, from answering the phones, to making a chart or copies, to getting a patient water, Anne does everything with grace and kindness. Although we know she will continue to be a blessing wherever she is; Mondays will not be the same without her. We will truly miss her.

~Sarah Dunning, Director of Volunteer Services and Human Resources

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