Kora’s Korner Kick-off

We are in the midst of the “dog days of summer.” The humidity is high in the south and the heat of the day builds making us welcome air conditioning and cold drinks. Interestingly, the phrase the “dog days of summer” has nothing to do with dogs, but please don’t tell Kora, our resident therapy dog. The days from mid-July to mid-August correlate with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. While ancient lore has promoted the theory that the summer heat is caused by the combination of Sirius and the Sun, it is just folklore that has stood the test of time.

What is not folklore is the comfort, love, and companionship that our hospice therapy dog, Kora, is providing on our Hospice campus. As we approach the one year anniversary of her arrival, we are celebrating her and the difference she has made in the lives of patients, families, and our staff.

Kora’s first day on the job – August 8, 2016

As a certified therapy dog, Kora’s main job is to enrich the quality of life for hospice patients and their families. Just the sight of her running down the hall brings smiles on the faces of visitors every day. Her soft fur has provided peace and joy to numerous people over the past year. We have seen countless times that Kora’s presence has had a calming effect on families in the midst of very difficult situations. Even our staff has benefited by her daily antics and constant seeking of belly rubs.

In celebration of Kora’s one year anniversary, she is kicking off her new weekly blog – Kora’s Korner. We hope that you will stop by occasionally to see what she is up to and learn about our organization from her perspective.

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