Kora’s Korner – Comfort, Compassion, and Hope

I’m kind of a big deal. At only two years old I have become quite famous on the Hospice Campus. In addition to my role of comforting Hospice patients and families, I serve as an ambassador to Hospice & Community Care.

I have figured out that ambassador is just a really big way of saying that I represent comfort, compassion, and hope that Hospice gives to the community. I like that because those are words that reflect what I do for people.

Sometimes when I am visiting patients and families are restless. When I visit I am a comforting presence, and they often can sit quietly and pet me. Studies have shown that animal like me can lower blood pressure and ease anxiety. I am a good connector too.

I have an uncanny ability to know what people need and how to help ease their suffering. One of my friends who had a family member at the Patrick Hospice House said that after all they had been through with her loved one’s illness, I made her feel real for the first time in months. I did not do anything special but jump in her lap and snuggle, but it was just what she needed that day.

Since I have worked with Hospice for nearly 18 months, I am well aware that there is sadness surrounding death. What I have also observed that there is great hope in the sadness. I have witnessed family reunions that loved ones never thought would happen. I have had the privilege of loving kids on their darkest day. I have heard the staff work with families to determine what would bring joy to the patient in their final days. It is my desire that I bring a little bit of hope to people when I visit.

Stay tuned for my next post when I let you know what you can do to become an ambassador of comfort, compassion, and hope.


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