Kora’s Korner – Becoming An Agent of Change

My last post I talked about all the things that I get to do as an ambassador of comfort, compassion, and hope. Ambassadors share our philosophy, vision, and mission and enthusiastically share in our efforts to tell the community about Hospice & Community Care.

Share Your Story
Hospice & Community Care has touched thousands of lives during our 33-year history. The care and compassion that’s relieved by our team members leave lasting impressions, becoming a part of your family’s story. We would love for you to share your story. One of the best ways to share is telling your story to friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation to connect over a shared experience or struggle.

You can also write your story and send it to us. Your story does not have to be eloquently written, just simply share how Hospice & Community Care touched your family’s life. Obviously, stories with me playing a large role are preferred!

Be Social
Help bring others into Hospice & Community Care’s circle of friends through social media. Facebook has become the common meeting of the internet. By liking, commenting, and sharing our posts you help share our story with thousands of people in our region. I personally really like it when you like posts featuring me!

Open Doors
One of the biggest obstacles to providing patients and their families with the spiritual, emotional, and medical support they need is that many do not know that we are here to help. As an ambassador, you have the opportunity to open doors for our staff to speak with people in the community. Are you a member of a faith community, civic, social, or service club? We love to speak to small or larger groups in the community. I might even want to join our staff member at your group, especially if there is food involved.

As you can see supporting Hospice & Community Care as an Ambassador is easy. I hope that you will consider joining me in making a difference in the lives of people that need our comfort, compassion, and hope.

Love, Kora


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