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Employee Spotlight: Lisa Stewart

Lisa Stewart, Director of Family Services

We have another new smiling face at Hospice & Community Care. Lisa Stewart is the recently appointed Director of Family Services.  

“I came from Gaston County where I was a social worker. I did two jobs; my first was Adult Protective Services which involved investigations: neglect, mistreatment, and exploitation. I stayed in that role for almost a year, and then I transferred within the company to the Community Alternatives Program. We helped disabled adults stay at home who otherwise could have been placed in a facility. We provided a nurse, a social worker, certified nursing assistants, and equipment to make them comfortable at home,” said Lisa.

“Prior to my jobs in Gaston County, I was a laboratory scientist. We tested donated blood for ABO Rh testing. If you were a type A, AB, B, etc., I could mix a solution and test your blood. We would test around 5,000 to 7,000 samples a day. We would also test for cytomegalic virus and antibodies in the blood.”

When asked what inspired her to choose a career at Hospice, Lisa explained, “One of my friends was going to have an interview here, and she decided it wasn’t her calling. I was always interested in hospice, and I believed this was something I would enjoy. She told me about it, and I took the interview, and here I am.”

When Lisa started with Hospice, she was the Bereavement Services Coordinator. “I counseled people, conducted support groups, and made bereavement calls. I still provide bereavement support, but with my new job I also supervise the social workers, the chaplains, and the whole bereavement department.”

“My favorite part of working with Hospice is facilitating support groups and counseling individuals. I get to talk with people and help them work through what they are going through. It is a great thing when I talk with them, and they tell me in turn that I really helped them today. Or they find a new way of looking at things, rather than focusing on the negative, reframing how they look at things.”

As Lisa grows she is excited to learn about all the different positions, how everything ties into the different departments, and building great connections.  

“The most exciting thing about my job is facilitating the support groups. I have women attending who anywhere between seventy to ninety years of age. They are a great group, and I enjoy working with them, helping them, and learning from them. I always learn something from them individuals I am counseling, and it makes you think.  You learn while you are helping.” 

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