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Wayne T. Patrick – The Man Behind The Name

“The man behind the name”

Leaving a legacy is something we all strive for in our lives. For many it is leaving more than material wealth, but leaving the world a better place because of the things that you did and the people that you touched. Wayne Patrick was one of those individuals who left the world a better place because of this love for his family, his friends and his community. His daughter, Kathy Patrick Wilson, said “My Dad was a newspaper man, but he was also big into community service. Dad’s hobbies were more activities related to the community or the newspaper business. He was involved with his family and the community in every aspect from education to all kinds of civic organizations. He worked hands-on to better his community.”

During his life Wayne spent thousands of hours giving to the community that he loved so much. He was a testament to his family, friends and community that making a difference is more than writing a check, it is getting involved in those things that touch your heart.

The Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House is named in honor and memory of long-time community member, loving family man and Hospice & Community Care supporter Wayne Patrick. July 11, 1935 – Sept. 20, 2001