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Advocates for the Voiceless: Bill Measimer

“World War II Marine Veteran Bill Measimer fights on more time…for his wife.”

Each day he came to our hospice house, hands covered with blue paint. He was painting their front porch swing for his sweetie’s return home. Her file contains his scribbled words “Why all the RED TAPE?”.

For weeks Bill had been fighting to get Medicaid for Margie. They have exhausted their savings and could not afford to pay for the hospice care she is receiving. Margie worked all her life and had modest savings, but after her diagnosis, the savings were gone.

Hospice & Community Care cared for Margie until the day she died. In the end, she died at the Patrick Hospice House with Bill by her side. We never stopped fighting alongside Bill for her care. And when she needed help at the end, the approval never came. But when she needed care, Hospice was proud to provide it.