Dewey’s Bakery Holiday Shop at Hospice & Community Care’s Rock Hill Resale Shop

Kane Rowell, Major Gift Officer at Hospice & Community Care, is heading up our new Dewey’s Holiday Store. Kane explained a little about how the idea came to fruition. “We talked with a hospice organization in North Carolina, and they brought up this fundraiser they used that raised over $10,000. Their community loved it and their volunteers loved it. The more we talked about it, the more I thought it made sense for us to do it,” said Kane. “We talked at length about it, what it takes to run the shop, and they put me in contact with Dewey’s. I reached out to Dewey’s and the rest is history. They worked with us, explained what we needed to get it launched and what was required.  We met all those requirements.  So here we are.” 

“Dewey’s has a bunch of sweet treats. They are famous for their Moravian sugar cakes, cookies, and my personal favorite the cheese straws. They have chocolate-dipped cookies and a new best-seller, the oatmeal sandwich cookies. All kinds of sweet treats for the holiday season. Great things to have with your Christmas meals and Thanksgiving meals. And of course they are great to give as gifts or use as stocking stuffers,” explained Kane. “All Dewey’s items keep well, with the exception of the sugar cakes. You are supposed to freeze them, and when you take them out of the freezer you need to consume them within ten days.”  

Our Hospice & COmmunity Care Dewey’s Holiday Store will be open at our Rock Hill Resale Shop, 145 E. White Street, downtown Rock Hill. “The Dewey’s store hours will be the same as the Resale store hours, with the exception of Christmas Eve.  Anytime the Resale Shop is open, the Dewey’s store will be open, except for those Christmas Eve hours and we will announce those hours soon.”  

“If you want to place a large order, for yourself or for a business, there will be some backup stock at the Resale Shop. For really large orders, we can place the order through Dewey’s. But we can make it happen, and it will be a very quick turnaround. There are also gift baskets available, and these come in four different sizes with a variety of Dewey’s products. Those will be available at the Holiday Store, so it is easy to get a delicious premade gift basket as a present during the holidays.”  

According to Kane, Dewey’s is based in Winston Salem, and they sell throughout the United States and internationally. “They are famous for their thin Moravian cookies. These are the best tasting cookies money can buy. They are of high quality, not messy, and come with attractive packaging. Dewey’s partners with nonprofit organizations across North Carolina, but the Hospice & Community Care Shop is the first in South Carolina. Dewey’s offers generous earnings to their nonprofit partners as a part of their company mission in giving back. The more we sell, the more will come back to benefit Hospice.”  

“If you are not able to come into the Resale Shop, you can actually purchase Dewey’s items online. There is a special code to use, so your purchase benefits Hospice & Community Care. It won’t be as large of the percentage for purchases online, so if possible please come into the Resale Shop. We will also be holding some limited tastings and encourage our friends to come to try some of the products.”

“If you have a big holiday meal planned and want some sweets, post-Thanksgiving or post-Christmas, this is the perfect treat. Companies purchase Dewey’s items as gifts for employees, they are great gifts for friends and family, and the packaging is so nice that you don’t really have to wrap anything. It’s an easy way to make someone happy this holiday season,” said Kane.  

If you do want to place a large order, stop at the Dewey’s store or you can call Hospice & Community Care directly at 803-329-1500 and we can help with your purchase. If you’re unable to visit our Dewey’s Holiday Store, you can purchase products from and still support our fundraiser by using the following coupon code at checkout: FS051 (That’s a zero, not the letter o).  Also, customers will receive free shipping on orders of $39.99 or more.  You can email Kane at if you need assistance or if you have questions.  

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