A Gem in the Community

Amanda Oaks started with Hospice & Community Care as the new Hospice Care Consultant. She explains a little about her role and what being a nonprofit means for our community.
“I establish relationships with physicians, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities in the community to help make certain they are placing patients with our hospice organization for those patients to have access to the very best hospice care. We are one of 18 organizations serving York County. As the oldest hospice organization and the only nonprofit hospice in the county, we are the experts in hospice care. We take care of everyone regardless of their insurance status, and we give back to our community in a multitude of ways.”
“Sometimes I think that people think that all hospices are the same hospice, and it is such a myth. Our organization is so special; we are a gem to our community with what we give back and what we do for patients and their families. People are surprised by that, and they are surprised by the various things that we do to ensure access to amazing care. For example, pet care, hair care, volunteer work, Veteran services, and The Caring Closet are all programs that Hospice & Community invests in that go above and beyond to care for not only our patients but the community. I can go on and on. But I think that just being able to tell our story and how great our team is, is really what keeps me motivated every day.”
When asked how she came to Hospice & Community Care, Amanda explains, “I had the opportunity to work with Hospice employees, Vicky and Kay, at Westminster when I was a nurse on the floor, so I got to know them as well as all the services Hospice & Community Care provides. I witnessed the work for myself. I loved what Hospice & Community Care did as well as all the things they do for the community. When I learned of the position at Hospice, I wasn’t exactly certain what the job entailed, but I was so excited about the possibilities of working with the amazing team. I interviewed, it was a perfect fit, and now I am here. I have never worked with a team that works so well as a team. After five months, I love it. The support and encouragement have been helpful as I have adjusted to my new role.”
According to Amanda, her experience in healthcare before her current role has been very helpful to her success at Hospice & Community Care. “I worked at skilled nursing facilities, I have done wound care, and I managed an assisted living facility for a time. Coming from a medical background, you know how things work. While every office is different, you have an understanding of who does what and what the different positions entail. It is also helpful that you can speak the medical language to physicians and nurses, looking at the diagnosis, and helping to determine what qualifies for hospice services. The ability to ask questions back and forth sometimes goes a long way.”

Hospice & Community Care is proud of our team of amazing people that work together each day to provide outstanding hospice care to our community. Amanda is just one of more than 90 people at our organization that have dedicated their careers to ensure that excellent hospice care is a reality for everyone. We applaud Amanda and her teammates for carrying out our mission to give hope, comfort, and compassion to our community when needed most. For more information on our organization and care that we provide, please contact us at 803-329-1500 or info@wordpress-517114-2582534.cloudwaysapps.com.

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