The Weight of Grief

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  Once upon a time, a wise teacher walked around the classroom teaching on stress management. As she walked and talked, she carried, in her hand, a glass of water. When she stopped and raised the glass of water, the students were certain that they would be asked if the glass was half full or […]

Team Member Spotlight: Myschel Littlejohn

March 19, 2021 Meet Myschel Myschel Littlejohn is a Hospice & Community Care volunteer and a veteran. As a volunteer working with the Family Services team, her responsibilities include maintaining the Caring Closet, providing emotional support for our bereaved clients, and maintaining program administration. Along with being a volunteer, she is studying social work in […]

Top 6 Tips for Healthy Living

6 Tips for Healthy Living March is National Nutrition Month and an opportunity to learn how to make good food choices and develop healthy habits. In honor of National Nutrition Month, I have put together my top tips for healthy living: Eat when you are hungry. Hunger is your body’s way of saying, “it’s time […]

Hospice & Community Care Announces Board Leadership Change

Hospice & Community Care Announces Board Leadership Change Rock Hill, SC: Hospice & Community Care (HCC), the region’s most trusted hospice care provider, announced today the leadership transition of its board of directors. Kathy Patrick Wilson, a longtime HCC board member and supporter, completed her board leadership position as board chair as of February 2021. […]

Nutrition for Caregivers: Nutrition and Sleep

by Lacy Ngo MS, RDN Why is Sleep Important? You are a caregiver, and you have a great deal on your plate right now. With so much on your mind, you may have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, and yet sleep is so important to your ability to function. Lack of sleep can negatively […]